Gluten free food online

A gluten free diet is a diet that excludes foods containing gluten – a protein found in wheat – and is the only medically accepted treatment for coeliac disease.

There is now a significant demand for gluten free food that is readily available, affordable, and most importantly, tasty!  At Clean Living Fitness we have a range of gluten free foods online that are perfect for those suffering from coeliac disease, as well as those who prefer to follow a diet free of gluten.

From snacks to pastas, protein powders to Vital Greens superfoods, we have gluten free alternatives!

Clean Living Fitness also run personal training sessions in Geelong.  As a mum of four, fitness instructor Lynda knows the value of needing and having energy to get through each day.  Call Clean Living Fitness on 0427 616 242 or email today!